CTF Tech organizes and produces Capture-The-Flag-type and other cyber security events online and offline. We pride ourselves with extraordinary production quality and entertainment value combined with high quality technical challenges and industry-leading cyber range platform.

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We have extensive experience in working with businesses and governments to create next level cyber security events.

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Latest News

19 Jan. 2022
Coming-up first CTF Challenge Coca-Cola Break the Code! Read More
30 Oct. 2021
Attention – The test-version of long-waited CTF Tech Portal is about to be out! Here you can learn, play and compete to upgrade your cyber skills. Stay tuned for upcoming new tasks and mini-CTFs.
30 Oct. 2021
The Grand Final of Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021 is on October 30th. Stay tuned for the video material and photos!

Our CTFs usually end with sorrow that the event is already over, and yearning for the next one.

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