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Coming-up first CTF Challenge Coca-Cola Break the Code!

Coca-Cola Break the Code CTF runs at from January 21st 2022 4PM until January 23rd 2022 11PM EEST UTC+2.

You have 2 hours to solve the challenges. You can choose a suitable time slot during the competition runtime.
No pre-registration needed.

Leaderboard is shown on the live stream at CTF Tech Twitch Channel at dedicated times

  • January 21st - 4PM and 9PM
  • January 22nd - 3PM and 9PM
  • January 23rd - 3PM and 11PM (Announcement of the Winner. Prize from Coca-Cola)


1. Participation

  • 1.1. Every player participates individually and no pre-registration needed.
  • 1.2. Every player participates under their name using their user account at the CTF Tech Portal competition platform.
  • 1.3. Every player solves competition tasks on their own without using the help of other people. It is allowed to use instructions, guides, and manuals made by other people if these materials are not created specifically to solve tasks.
  • 1.4. There are no age restrictions to participate at the CTF competition.

2. Tasks and scoring

  • 2.1. Competition is comprised of tasks that give points to players.
  • 2.2. Every task has a description and a question which specifies, what the player must enter as a solution (flag). This can be text, numbers, hash, sentences, or something else.
  • 2.3. Every task has a maximum point score that the player will receive after solving it successfully.
  • 2.4. Every task also contains hints. Hints have a price as a negative score, which will incur after opening the hint.
  • 2.5. After solving the task, the player will receive points which are calculated by taking the maximum points of the tasks and deducting the price of taken hints.
  • 2.6. If there are equal number of points, then overall time it took for every player to solve the challenges will be considered.

3. Challenge round

  • 3.1. Competition is held from January 21st 2022 4PM until January 23rd 2022 11PM.
  • 3.2. Every player can solve tasks during that time in a 2-hour window. That means when the player opens the platform and starts solving, they have up to 2 hours to complete all the tasks.
  • 3.3. Every player can open as many tasks as they want in any order. Abandoning tasks (closing a task without a solution) does not incur a penalty.
  • 3.4. Every player is allowed to solve the challenges only once.

4. Gameplay limits

  • 4.1. It is strictly forbidden to perform any kind of Denial of Service or any other unwanted actions against the servers or associated infrastructure.
  • 4.2. Do not…
  • 4.2.1. …try to brute force the flag submission system.
  • 4.2.2. …perform any unwanted actions against other players.
  • 4.2.3. …try to exchange flags/write-ups/hints of the challenges during the competition with other players or to other external entities.
  • 4.2.4. …distribute the content of the CTF (the challenges) to third party entities for help.
  • 4.3. Any violation of these terms will automatically disqualify the player from the competition.

Good luck to all players and let’s break the code!