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Open Battle CTF

Open Battle CTF was part of the HITB Lockdown security conference, planned to be held in Amsterdam in April 2020, but moved to online due to global pandemic and travel restrictions. Open Battle CTF welcomed all players globally for a marathon event: it lasted over three days from 24th to 26th April 2020.


As an experiment in online long form gameplay format, Open Battle CTF was individual-based only, i.e without teams. Over 150 players signed up for the massive event from all continents (except Antarctica, we are still expanding in that region) to capture the flags from a variety of easier and more difficult challenges. The topics presented to players included web hacking, networking, forensics, packet capture, reverse engineering, tunneling, Windows attacking, hash cracking etc.


As the theoretical maximum 5294 points were available for each player to accumulate, and a total of 144 hints available. First position went to Deadpackets who scored 3762 points with 2nd and 3rd positions not far behind.

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