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We have extensive experience in working with businesses and governments to create next level cyber security events.

Take your conference, community event or teambuilding exercise to another level with entertaining cyber security competition.

Gala CTF

We have a track of successful Gala-style CTF competitions where the participants are hailed as the heroes of the event.

The main objectives for organizing this type are community building, talent spotting, advocating cyber security and IT-related career paths, employer or place branding.

Gala CTF is hosted in a grand venue and hosted by proffesional master of ceremony supported with extensive audiovidual production setup. A number of optional add-ons make this event even more effective in achieving the objectives, for example pre-event Boot Camp training, jounralistic video story featuring the participants etc.

Organizing Gala CTF is a joint undertaking between CTF Tech, our technology partner CybExer Technologies and the client. We are happy to work out the best plan to achieve your goals.

Community event

Community event format focuses on a more specific outcome and features training (Boot Camp basic training, dedicated lab), competition (Capture-the-flag or CTF), or both.

A typical CTF competition is an entertaining, educational and competitive format for individuals or teams, where participants have to complete a number of challenges. These can be suitable for your organization's cyber security professionals with complex technical challenges or toned down to be solveable to entry-level participants.

As an extension to this event format, technical challenges can be mixed with non-technical, e.g trivia, quizzes, puzzles or other content. This helps engage people in the event teams with mixed background and practise teamwork.


We provide full-range of service and cooperation levels, starting from joint-organized events up to fully serviced white label events with us taking care of the planning, production and operations.

We have worked with a number of customers across the world. Please see past events page for an overview and reach out to us for an introduction and a full list of references.

Our CTFs usually end with sorrow that the event is already over, and yearning for the next one.

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