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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate a new generation of cyber experts early on to overcome the global talent gaps.

Cyber security is quickly growing to be a critical aspect in modern societies. We rely on it to have fresh drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, safe traffic, operational education and goverment, growing businesses and functional financial system.

Yet companies, governments and communities lack talented people, as cyber security is a complex field with a high barrier for entry. Cyber crime on the other hand has become a global phenomenon where criminals can conduct attacks on targets across borders with unprecedented impact.

We believe that we need to reach out to young people, girls and boys, who may not have an interest in cyber. We believe that through gamified training and competition experience, we can attract their interest. This way, we can show the attractiveness and importance on cyber security to a completely new pool of people.

Our guiding principle in this is ethical hacking – breaking in to learn how to protect. In learning to master offensive defense, we are able to prepare and protect our digital society.